Facilitating cooperation between the San Antonio Food Bank and the National Park Service on the Spanish Colonial Demonstration Farm

In 2017 the San Antonio Food Bank received the right to cultivate 45 acres of historic Mission farmland within the larger footprint of Mission San Juan, harvesting the crops they grow to feed residents in need. The unique agreement with the National Park Service to cultivate that land was initiated by Mission Heritage Partners. In exchange for use of land, the Food Bank will maintain the 5-acre Spanish Colonial Demonstration Farm, using only tools and fertilizer available in the 18th century, growing the same crops the Mission inhabitants planted, and using only water brought by the acequia to the farm fields.

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Mission Heritage Partners provide volunteer and financial support for the preservation, protection, interpretation and enjoyment of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. Since 1984, the official friends group to the park has raised more than $4 million to benefit the San Antonio park. Additional support garnered by Mission Heritage Partners through advocacy efforts total more than $70 million in value.

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