Milestone Accomplishments

Development: UNESCO World Heritage Site designation process


Mission Heritage Partners provided the lead writer, in-kind staff and volunteer hours and much more in support of the nomination of the San Antonio Missions as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Protection: Faux Bois Railings at the Grist Mill


This significant and necessary upgrade replaced rotted wooden posts and rails around and throughout the grist mill at Mission San José.

Protection: Land ownership transfer


In an effort to retain the serenity of Mission Concepción’s site, the Mission Heritage Partners helped facilitate a plan to ensure that the land between the Mission and the San Antonio River would

Development: Mission Entry Signs


Long before selfies were popular, visitors to the San Antonio Missions took plenty of pictures of themselves and their traveling companions at various sites throughout the Park.

Restoration: Horizontal Grist Mill

Over the years, the 18th century grist mill at Mission San José had fallen into disrepair. Rusted, non-functioning mechanisms reduced the mainstay of the community to a useless structure.

Preservation: Securing funding for the Visitor Center at Mission San José

In the early 1990s, several members of the board of directors and the executive director of Mission Heritage Partners made an in-person plea to several United States Congressmen
Current Projects

Cell phone stations and audio tours of the Park

Provided in both Spanish and English, these professionally produced audio tours highlight items of interest throughout the four Missions in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Development and support of VIP Docents

The Volunteers-In-Parks (VIP) Program supplies the San Antonio Missions with professional docents who provide important visitor services at the four Spanish Missions.

Facilitating cooperation between the San Antonio Food Bank and the National Park Service on the Spanish Colonial Demonstration Farm

In 2017 the San Antonio Food Bank received the right to cultivate 45 acres of historic Mission farmland within the larger footprint of Mission San Juan, harvesting the crops they grow to feed

Masonry Apprentice Program

Funding for this important 8-week apprenticeship program, administered in conjunction with the American Youthworks Environmental Corps, helps young adults learn a valuable skill, and assists

Professional landscaping contract for manicured beds

By underwriting this contract, Mission Heritage Partners ensures National Park Service employees are available to take on other grounds-keeping duties and projects.

Spanish Colonial Demonstration Farm

Mission Heritage Partners raised funds to restore the Spanish Colonial farm that once helped feed the residents of Mission San Juan.

Student bus trips to the Missions

Each year the Mission Heritage Partners provides funds that offset the cost of transportation for Title One and equivalent schools to take field trips to the San Antonio Missions

Various other permanent improvement projects

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Mission Heritage Partners provide volunteer and financial support for the preservation, protection, interpretation and enjoyment of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. Since 1984, the official friends group to the park has raised more than $4 million to benefit the San Antonio park. Additional support garnered by Mission Heritage Partners through advocacy efforts total more than $70 million in value.

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